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Vaginal Cleansing Tampons

Vaginal Cleansing Tampons

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Suitable for Female genital itching, abnormal leucorrhea, Vaginitis, cervicitis, uterine fibroids ,tubal blockages, infertility and other female gynecological problems.
Wash vulvae, put tampon in the depth 7cm of vagina, leaving end of the thread outside, change it every 3 days.
NOT FOR, Pregnant women, virgin, during menstrual period and allergy
Storage:Store in a dry and cool place,There are a few dozens of Chinese herbs and other holistic components in these tampons that support proper female reproductive organs function and prevent the development of more serious gynecological ailments.Clean Point tampons are manufactured in the most sterile environment that has been approved by the "GMP" standard (quality standard). They do not contain any chemical additives and have passed more than 1000 clinical trials that confirmed the safety of the ingredients - they cause no side effects and are absolutely non-toxic.